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Training Master Management Consultant MMC

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AAPM Certified

AAPM Certified

Training Master Management Consultant ® (MMC) Sertifikasi AAPM

HR Project Management

MMC Master Management Consultant ® – Professional Certification ®

AAPM ® AMC Accredited Management Consultant ® & MMC Master Management Consultant – Management Consulting Professional

This is an executive program exploring the world of management consulting. The program is designed to facilitate a framework for providing management counsel to clients, institutions in the public and private sector. Candidates will incorporate the informational fabric from the core curriculum and become open to examples of comprehension in their technical expertise and experience in global consulting roles to organizations. The modules are created to show candidates the key topics of the profession and to discussed, analyzed and understood. Candidates will also be expected to work break out groups and teams to present consulting services to actual clients and prepare solutions to case studies.

Who Should Attend

  • Senior Managers, Senior Marketing, Finance, Technology and Strategy Executives operating in the Middle East and Pan Asia region
  • Business Principals and Managers who need a practical and up-to-date knowledge of MBA Strategy and Techniques for ROI and growth
  • Managers of Change and influences of decision making at the highest level of the corporation

Benefits of Attending

Those who complete this professional development program will learn cutting edge strategies in analysis and implementation of solutions for clients worldwide.

Upon Completion Of This Intensive Program, You Will Have:

  • Attended a highly-compressed MBA-type program developed by leading MBA professors globally from the world’s leading business schools
  • The right to use the post-nominal MMC Master Management Consultant ® on their business card or biography
  • Status as a Fellow of the American Academy of Financial Management (FAAPM) and two-year membership in the professional association
  • Certificate of Completion by from an Registered Program and advanced placement into secondary certification programs.
  • A thorough grounding in Advanced Business Strategy principles, metrics and tools
  • Familiarity with strategies and case studies that show leadership techniques for today’s toughest industries and sectors
  • Knowledge of how to prepare and execute a Strategic Business Plan

Program Design

In this five module Senior Executive Development Program – which represents a Mini MBA and Management Consultant Certification – you will be taught by one of the Academy’s certified Experts

This curriculum has been developed by a group of MBA lecturers, legal and finance professionals, senior executives and the American Academy of Project Management (AAPM) and will show you how to get the most out of your career development. It will demonstrate how to effectively manage change in your organization and develop skills to ensure you rise to or stay at the top of your profession.

The first 2 modules of this intensive program examines Finance for Non Financial Managers, and you will learn techniques for understanding the triggers and mechanisms for profitability within your business as well as learning the strategy and tactics of today’s leading CFO’s and financial professionals. In the following two modules, you will study the art of Change Management, Cost Control and IT Management for Non- Technical executives. Finally, you will learn the components and

mechanisms for core business development and strategic planning including Marketing Strategy, Leadership and Strategic and Change Management. You will learn to drive business results and measure the performance of your business units and team.

This intensive and wholly practical training program has never been available before for US delegates to take in this region. It is widely acclaimed and fully certified.

All course fees include certification from the Academy.

International Executive Professional Development Program

Module 1

Finance For Non-Financial Executives (Master Financial Professional)

Get a crash course in MBA Finance techniques, designed especially for Non-Finance executives. This course will focus on the basic finance survival course within a global enterprise. Designed by CFOs and leading Finance Professors, this course covers the basics of the financial reporting and operational aspects of a listed company.

  1. Analysis of financial statements
  2. Shareholder wealth maximization
  • Applied corporate finance
  • Strategic management and the financial planning process
  • Introduction to the “Stock Exchange”
  • Cash flow – the lifeblood of business

Module 2

Cost Control And Effective Financial Management

The Manager’s role in operational cost control and financial administration, is perhaps the most critical and visible of all requirements in an organization. All executives have the issues of budget and operational spend but many also have the task of controlling cost behavior and cost allocation. A company can live and die by its ability to control, use and manipulate cash flow and this can be the life-blood of a manager’s ability to achieve sustainable profitability.

  1. The changing business environment
  2. Cost control and cost management
  3. Budgeting
  4. The Balanced Scorecard and performance management
  5. Effecting change for cost efficiency

Module 3

A glimpse into the world of International Business Strategy. This is not a high-level theoretical course component. This is a journey into the reality of conducting business on the global stage. As the business boundaries continue to dissolve globally with the impact of localization, the Internet and greater market accessibility, the future of your capability as an executive will rely heavily on your ability to understand and collaborate with International clients, partners and suppliers.

International Business Strategy

  1. Economics of localization
  2. Understanding cultural differences and their influence on the enterprise
  3. Market entry, political reality and competitive structures
  4. Alliances – structure and management
  5. Organization, operations and structural control Issues
  6. Global strategies

Module 4

Recently a Harvard MBA Professor said that IT and “Technology is not a competitive advantage, it is a fact of business life”. So why gain a basic understanding of current leading IT technologies, such as the Internet and XML, and their impact on your business? For the same reason you need to know how to use the telephone. You can’t do business without it.

IT Management For Non-Technical Executives

  • Using information technology for competitive advantage
  • Understanding the Internet’s power to alter channel strategies
  • Gaining a broader understanding of IT in the context of the company, industry and world
  • Building IT-based information age companies
  • Emerging technologies and trends

Module 5

Marketing is a mechanism for developing and growing your business, but if done incorrectly can be an expensive and

misunderstood component of your operations. This course component on Marketing Strategy will give executives an understanding of core marketing requirements within business and the ability to measure marketing efficiency.

Marketing Strategy And ROMI

  1. Developing fast to-market technology for competitive advantage
  2. Exploring the economics of customer loyalty and total customer satisfaction
  3. Putting a customer-focused, service profit chain to work
  4. Formulating an action-oriented marketing plan
  5. Return on Marketing Investment (ROM)

Module 6

Leadership – it is the single quality that all very successful individuals have. It is what you need to lead an organization to success. Strategic Leadership and Change Management introduce techniques for developing strong leadership skills and an organization that follows.

Leadership And Change Management

Durasi Training: 3 Hari

Tempat Training:

  • Hotel Amaris, Jakarta

Biaya Training: 

  • Biaya Training: Rp. 4,500,000,- (Empat Juta Lima Ratus Ribu Rupiah)
  • Biaya Sertifikasi AAPM: USD. 300,- (Tiga Ratus US Dollar)

Contact Information

SBKI Training Center

Hand Phone: 0812 9713 1551


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