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Training Leadership Consultant CLC

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Certified Leadership Consultan AAPM

Certified Leadership Consultan AAPM

Training Certified Leadership Consultant (CLC) AAPM

HR Project Management, Training Project Management


Leadership is defined as “a process of influencing others to achieve a goal.” This course is derived from theory and research and uses real life observations and experiences from both faculty and students.

Advanced social work professionals require to leadership knowledge, skills and abilities to better understand and meet the challenges of working within complex and diverse urban social settings that address a range of contemporary social service issues.

The course will address a panoply of topics to enhance effective practices. Among these are motivation, communication skills, power and influence, team building and group facilitation, conflict management and various approaches to leadership styles and methods with emphasis on situational approaches and transformational leadership.

One purpose of this course is to help participants become more effective leaders and to better understand the demands of leadership. Specifically, the course will serve as a guide for interpreting leadership theory and research and fill the gaps between leadership theory and practice.

While not all master’s level social workers will take responsibility for formally leading or managing organizations and projects, but informal leaders do emerge and followershipis intrinsically a part of the leadership process.


This course seeks to provide participants with:

  • A framework for the application of personal, interpersonal, team and organizational leadership skills grounded in behavioral science theory and research;
  • The capability to effectively advocate and influence across a spectrum of social work practice from micro, mezzo to macro practice, in order to achieve social and economic justice for clients;
  • The knowledge and skills related to power and influence, ethics, values, diversity, multiculturalism, when acting on behalf of client and populations as social work change agents in organizations and communities.
  • The development of skills and to enhance their ability to motivate, communicate, change and support healthy functioning in groups, teams, organizations and community settings.
  • The ability to respond to the needs of diverse and multicultural populations.
  • An assessment of participant strength based leadership skills and the development of a plan to augment their leadership skill.

Target Audience

Managers and individuals with strong interest to improve leadership style and leader effectiveness in their organization and teamwork, with the main focus on improving organization and teamworks level of productivity.

Course Contents and Descriptions

 Developing Personal leadership

  • This segment of training describes leadership experience and values and deliver to partcipants how to conduct an interview to open the line of communication and build trust, and this segment covers:
    • Leadership Qualities
    • Values Identification
    • Strengten relationship Principles
    • Innerview Process

Achieving Organizational Result

  • This segment of training describes to the participants on setting time to achieve organizational goals thru the creation of organizational vision and covers the following subjects:
    • Time, Cost and Quality Balance
    • Tyranny of Urgent
    • Time Management Tools
    • Relationship Map
    • Innitial Assessment (Breakthrough Plan)

Understanding the Innovation Process

  • This segment of training provides to the participants the process of transformation of clear vision into specific and compelling actions which are defined in the action plan with clearly defined communication goals, and covers:
  • Identify Steps Necessary To Transform Vision into Actions
  • First Draft of  Planning Process

Defining The Performance Process

  • This segment of training describes to the participants the process of translating business objectives into daily activities with measurable results and covering the following subjects:
  • Identifing Key Results Areas
  • Define SMART Performance Standards
  • Develop Duties, Activities Skills, Knowledge and Abilities
  • Begin First Draft of Position Results Descriptions

Appraisal System and Coaching Process

  • This segment of training provides to the participants the cycle of  Growth and Change and their relation to training, this will cover subjects such as:
  • Performance Apprisal Guidelines
  • Cycle of Growth and Change
  • Coaching Process
  • Technique to Develop People
  • Gain Willing Corporation Principles

Problem Analysis and Decision Making

  • This segment of traiing describes the processs and steps in defining chalenging problems resolution by applying principles of decision making and techniques to reach sound decision and this covers subjects such as:
  • Problem Analysis
  • Decision Making
  • Stress Management Principles
  • Mid Point Assessment

Recognizing Human Potential

  • This segement of training describes comprehensively to the participants on the working environment and themotivation factors related and positive human relation principles to build effective and measurable commitment in the organization, and the subjects such as:
  • Reasons for non-Performance
  • Motivation and Manipulation
  • What People Want From Their Job
  • Hierarchy of Needs
  • Recognition System and Application

Implementing Delegation Process

  • This segment of training provides to the participants the cycle of empowerment process starting with plan and prepare delegation meeting, communicate clear performanace of standards, and finally delegate tasks and resposibilities with accountability assignment, this will covers as the followings:
  • Delegation Self Assessment
  • Six Degrees of Productivity
  • Delegation Process and Practice
  • Oranization Mapping and Follow Up
  • Maintaining Accountability
  • Empowerment Cycle

Handling Mistakes

  • This segment of training describes on the effective human relation approach to handle and  solve mistakes with specific concern on retaining valuable people involving in a situation where maintaing and  controlling reasoble and allowable margin of  error is essential, this will cover subjects as:
  • The Right Approach to Restore Performance
  • Be Leader Human Relation Principles
  • Giving Constructive Feedback
  • Case Study

Communicating To Lead

  • This segment of training describes to the partcipants on the technique to create communication loop thru opportunities feeback, and skills required to strengthen realationship, this will cover the following subjects:
  • Communication Self-Evalutaion
  • Linear and Interactive Communication
  • Level of Listenning and LADDER
  • Building Listening Skills
  • REALLY Listening
  • Sell Innovation Assignment

Leading More Effective Meeting

  • This segment of training proviode to the participants on effective meeting which is based on human relation principles and resulting positive outcomes, and this will cover subjects such as:
  • Meeting Complexity and Productivity
  • Pre-meeting Consideration and Check List
  • Post Meeting Follow up
  • Passive, Aggressive, and Assertive
  • Cushion to Gain Allignment

Celebrating Success

  • This segment of training describes to the participants on the approach to convince the organization on ideas of changes which are lucrative resulting from innovation process, this will cover subjects as:
  • Innovation Project Reporting
  • Innovation Project Amount of Money Saved or Generated

Committing to Improvement Process

  • This segment training lead the participants to conduct post training evaluation, present evidence of achievement, and set measurable goals for future leadership development, and this will the following subjects:
  • Wheel of Life
  • Major Benefits Report to Group
  • Final Assessment (Breakthrough Plan)
  • Complete Program Evaluation


  • This part of the training shall divulge and highlight to the participants practical and particular cases related to the subject of  Leadership.

Durasi Workshop : 3 Hari

Tempat Workshop  :

  • Hotel Amaris, Jakarta

Biaya Workshop  : 

  • Biaya Training: Rp. 4,500,000,- (Empat Juta Lima Ratus Ribu Rupiah)
  • Biaya Sertifikasi AAPM: USD. 300,- (Tiga Ratus US Dollar)

Contact Information

SBKI Training Center

Hand Phone: 0812 9713 1551


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